Social Work Degree Courses

Studying towards a degree in social work is the most traditional route into a children's social work role. Courses tend to come in the shape of a three-year undergraduate degree or a two-year postgraduate degree.

Approved by Social Work England, attaining a social work degree provides you with the required skills to begin your career in the sector. You'll go on placements as part of your degree, giving you relevant practical experience. To complete a degree in social work, you must pass background checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

The entry requirements for each course vary. Within Yorkshire and the Humber, we are lucky to have a wealth of courses within our universities and colleges that offer different levels of flexibility. Find out more about each of our participating Higher Education Institutions.

Bachelor's Degree in Social Work

Undergraduate degrees in social work balance academic study with practice, giving you both knowledge and a professional skillset that will enable you to begin a career in Social Work. Many Higher Education Institutions offer these courses on a full-time or part-time basis, allowing to study flexibly and on your own terms.

Throughout your bachelor's course, you will learn how to work with service users, with a core focus on improving their wellbeing. Professionals within the sector will guide you throughout your undergraduate degree, sharing their real-world experience to help prepare you for a job in social work.

Master's Degree in Social Work

Postgraduate degrees are intended for graduates that are committed to a future career in social work. Studying at this level will prepare you for roles across a wide range of social care settings.

Attaining a Master's will further equip you with the knowledge, skills and values that sit at the core of all careers within the sector. The course will give you a thorough understanding of the requirements, and provide you with the capabilities, for a successful career in social work.

Postgraduate Research Degrees

Different from the two social work degrees above, you can also study postgraduate research degrees within Yorkshire and the Humber. These degrees allow you to further explore specific topics or issues within the sector, producing new research that can inform policy and practice.

Yorkshire and the Humber have four Social Work Teaching Partnerships within the region. These make it simpler to engage service users, carers, social work practitioners and experienced university staff. All of these stakeholder will bring unique and invaluable insights into your research. Examples of topics currently studied in the region include: child protection, vulnerability to abuse, family relationships and police responses to community issues.