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090 Environment & Covid19 & Poetry

Covid19 has been a nightmare for all populations. Paradoxically, the planet and the environment have benefited. Just before lockdown, I was invited with a group of poets in Bath to respond to a short but powerful video produced by two remarkable women by writing and reading poems reflecting their lament on environmental destruction. The post 090 Environment & Covid19 & Poetry appeared first on Thoughts On The Social World.

SWE Blog: Social Work Reflections on Racism and Inequality

This thought-provoking piece by Ahmina Akhtar, Social Work England's Regional Engagement Lead for Yorkshire & the Humber, looks at how her experiences growing up as a woman of colour in the North of England motivated her to challenge inequality and ultimately led her to pursue a career in social work. Ahmina discusses how the critical reflection and openness to challenge that is a key part of social work best practice can be used to ensure our profession is doing all that it can to combat...

Improving Lives Campaign: New Case Studies

As the next phase of our Improving Lives campaign begins, a new group of social workers in Yorkshire & the Humber have shared their stories to highlight what day-to-day social work practice is really like, and the difference it can make to vulnerable children and families across the region. In the f...

What is social work like during the pandemic?

COVID-19 has led to major changes to daily life for people all over the world. As a people-focussed profession, social work practice has been affected by social distancing and lockdown measures which prevent practitioners from meeting service users directly. Charlotte Young, an Advanced Social Work Practitioner with Sheffield City Council's Children's Disability Service, has documented a typical day of work during the pandemic. This case study offers an insight into how social work practice h...

089 Captain R M Niven Memories

  Memories from World War 2 Welcome back to all.  After six years non stop , I took a breather. Now it feels right to restart and expand and I hope you?ll be pleased with the result. This is the first in the new series of podcasts that will be more of a magazine format [?] The post 089 Captain R M Niven Memories appeared first on Thoughts On The Social World.