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Press Release: Children’s social work collaboration looks back on more than ten years of better outcomes

Few would argue that working together has been instrumental in overcoming some of the many challenges faced by us all during the global pandemic. But for Yorkshire & the Humber’s children’s social workers, collaborative working has been helping to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable children and families for more than a decade. Launched in 2011, the Children’s Social Work Matters (CSWM) programme, is the first and only collaboration of its kind, comprisin...

128 More voices from Ukraine

Raisa was, until very recently, Executive Director, Board Chair and co-founder in 2004 of the All Ukrainian NGO Coalition for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. It is a network of 118 Ukrainian local non-governmental organizations and agencies for persons with intellectual disabilities representing about 14 thousand families from all the regions of Ukraine.  The post 128 More voices from Ukraine appeared first on Thoughts On The Social World.

127 Social Work Voices from Ukraine

Professor Oksana Boyko starts the series of social work voices from Ukraine. As the war continues, she shares her understandably strong feelings and begins the reflection on the activity of social work in the middle of this invasion. The post 127 Social Work Voices from Ukraine appeared first on Thoughts On The Social World.

Martin Stevens

Our colleague Martin Stevens, who has died aged 57, was Senior Research Fellow here at the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Health and Social Care Workforce. Martin joined our Unit?s predecessor at King?s, the Social Care Workforce Research Unit in ? Continue reading ?