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Press Release: Children’s social work collaboration looks back on more than ten years of better outcomes

Few would argue that working together has been instrumental in overcoming some of the many challenges faced by us all during the global pandemic. But for Yorkshire & the Humber’s children’s social workers, collaborative working has been helping to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable children and families for more than a decade. Launched in 2011, the Children’s Social Work Matters (CSWM) programme, is the first and only collaboration of its kind, comprisin...

133 Barnado’s Ukrainian Helpline

In response to the Ukraine war Barnardo?s Ukrainian Helpline was mobilised in March 2022 to support refugees and host families. The Helpline offers advice, signposting, emotional support, practical support and free therapeutic support. The post 133 Barnado?s Ukrainian Helpline appeared first on Thoughts On The Social World.