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Co-operatives are the way to more efficient and compassionate social care | Ed Mayo

Our future care system cannot be driven by price, competition and profits. Here?s how government can encourage communities to take control While Conservative proposals for overhauling adult social care funding damaged their election campaign and did not feature in the Queen?s speech, they were right not to duck the issue. Politicians of all parties must come together, not only to plug the hole in social care funding, but also to think hard about how the system spends that money. No overhaul of

Government must let service users and carers shape social care policy | Peter Beresford

The political party that wins the next general election is likely to be the one that signs up to a new vision of social care and support There can be no question that Theresa May?s disastrous social care manifesto policy played a major part in her election failure. However, the Queen?s speech suggests that she still far from finding a sustainable way forward for social care that will command popular support. The speech only included 14 vague and non-committal words on the subject: ?My minister

Looked After Children: Adopting & adapting innovation to improve outcomes, 14th July 2017, Bradford

Hosted by Bradford Metropolitan District Council and North Yorkshire County Council with the Spring Consortium Summary You are invited to take part in an interactive session focused on adopting innovative responses to the needs of looked after children (LAC), and adapting them to new geographies. The event will feature a number of projects funded through the Innovation Programme, including Bradford?s ?B Positive Pathways?, North Yorkshire County Council?s ?No Wrong Door? and the Fosteri

Social Work Methodology: Implementing a unified theory of practice, 13th July 2017, London

Hosted by Hertfordshire County Council and the London Borough of Islington with the Spring Consortium Summary We would like to invite you to an interactive session focusing on the practical learning from projects that have been implementing a unified theory of practice (for example strengths based methods). This will consider practice across all social work services including multidisciplinary teams. The event will involve a number of projects funded by the Innovation Programme includin

Social work must leave comfort zones to reconnect with those in need | Rosa Morales-Sanchez

We confront social injustices that occur every day ? we are agents of change and must speak up against poverty, discrimination and inequality People often ask what makes me come to work every day, under so much pressure from families, employers, other professionals, the NHS, the media ... What makes me keep going in this job with the same enthusiasm after 24 years? My answer is simple: I love my job. I have a passion for social work. Continue reading...