Our pledge to social workers

Children’s social workers build relationships with and give vital support to children and families.  They equip them to live more successfully within their local communities by guiding them towards solutions to their problems.

Social work also involves engaging with wider families and friends as well as working closely with other organisations including the police, health, schools, probation service and the voluntary sector to name but a few.

Children’s social workers work with families to support them through difficult times. They ensure that vulnerable children are safeguarded from harm. It’s our duty to support our dedicated social workers.

”We’ve listened to our Children’s Social Workers and have been determined to change things for the better in Yorkshire and the Humber. In recent years much work has been done to nurture, develop and support our social work workforce. We are now seeing the benefits of this investment through a growing confidence and resilience of our staff in delivering modern day social work practice. In turn, staff morale and belief in their ability to make a difference in children and families lives has improved immeasurably.

Despite the many challenges austerity presents to local authorities up and down the country, as a region we’re committed to making Yorkshire and the Humber the most collaborative, supportive and rewarding place in which to enjoy a career as a children’s social worker.“ Mel John-Ross, Executive Director – Children’s Services, Barnsley Council and lead Director for Children’s Social Work Matters

By sharing a clear vision and best practice across the region, we’re making it easier for social workers to make a difference in children’s lives.

To do this, we’ve made a pledge to show what you can expect when you work as a children’s social worker in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Our pledge to Social WorkersOur pledge to our social workers is that we will give them:

  • Greater support
  • More time with children
  • Tailored induction process
  • Support + opportunity
  • Better communication

Greater support

The wellbeing of our staff is paramount. We’ve invested in leadership and management training so that children’s social workers in our region receive the highest level of support and supervision with clear leadership. Social work will always be challenging and will never be a 9-5 job, but we continue to work hard to ensure caseloads are as manageable as possible.

More time with children

We have already made significant improvements to our systems, processes and procedures which have brought about efficiencies and reduced unnecessary paperwork, giving you more time to work with children, use your professional skills and ultimately do more of the job you came in to the social work profession to do.

Tailored induction process

As a newly qualified children’s social worker, you’ll have a formal induction and dedicated support throughout your Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) and this will be tailored to your needs.

Support + opportunity

You’ll work as part of a highly committed and passionate team who support one another. You will benefit from shared knowledge and learning across the region and have access to a wider choice of training opportunities to develop your career in the areas in which you’re really passionate about.

Better communication

You’ll benefit from effective joined up thinking with local Universities through our Teaching Partnerships, with health professionals, the police, schools and other partner organisations. As a region we’re established at working closely together to learn from one another and adopt best practice, helping us all keep children safer.