Improving Lives – Children’s Social Work Matters New Campaign

Improving Lives is a Children’s Social Work Matters campaign to reveal more of what children’s social work is really like. The aim is to show more of the difference our social workers make in the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and families across Yorkshire and the Humber.

The campaign is fronted by some of our social workers. They talk openly and honestly about themselves and their job so that people can see the value of social work and the positive outcomes it delivers for children and families.

Improving Lives is all about giving social workers a voice so they can tell their story, to show what their job entails, and highlight their passion and dedication towards protecting children and supporting families.

“This campaign gives us a great opportunity to show people what social work is really like and who our workers are – the real passion, professionalism and dedication they have in protecting and helping the lives of children and families in need.” Melanie John-Ross, Executive Director, Children’s Services at Barnsley Council

Misconceptions make it a challenge to recruit more people in to this demanding yet extremely rewarding career. It also adds a barrier for social workers when first working with families who fear they are there to take their children away.

Our aim is to improve public understanding and correct the many misconceptions about social work and the profession today. Social workers really are the fourth emergency services for many vulnerable children and families and deserve that recognition.

We also hope that by having a better picture and understanding of the social work working environment today, and of the changes that have been put in place in recent years to better develop and support social work professionals, more qualified social workers can be encouraged back or into children’s social work in the region. To find out more about our pledge to our social workers click here.

We now have some more of our social workers who have joined the campaign telling us about what they do, including what the impact has been on their work during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Read our social worker stories here:

  • *NEW* Anna O’Brien – Improving Young Lives in Hull: Award-winning Children’s Social Worker Shares Her Story
  • *NEW* Lisa Finch – Social workers play a key role in preventing child exploitation
  • *NEW*‘Emma’ – A Mum’s Story: “How My Children’s Social Worker Helped Me Transform My Life”
  • *NEW* Sarah Axon – Adoption teams help children to understand their past and build for the future
  • *NEW* Liz Freeman – How Practice Educators help new social workers to develop essential skills
  •  Georgia Chapman-Wells – Being there for those who need it
  • Travis Bacchus – A young man in social work
  • Sasha Midgley – Nurturing is at the heart of social work
  • Sarah Hubbard – The Foster Caring Professional
  • Kate Beszant – Adoption – working hard to get the best outcome for everyone
  • Katy Hensby – Social work – getting to grip with the challenges and being rewarded
  • Andrea Bratley – Helping the People through Social Support
  • Laura Sowerby – Social Work: My vocation in life
  • Arron Batley-Simpson – Stepping up to Social Work – a social work student’s perspective
  • Lisa Chamberlain – An experienced professional’s view of children’s social work today
  • Sophie Coggle – The all-encompassing role of a children’s social work manager
  • Fiona Demain – Helping children and young people is what I love to do – my social work story
  • Denise Green – Supporting children & families living with disability – a senior children’s social worker’s perspective
  • Steven Hawksworth – My journey into children’s social work
  • Sukhander Hussain – From foster carer to a newly qualified children’s social worker
  • John Hutchinson – A lot has changed in social work over 30 years
  • Sally Jacques – The making of a children’s social work professional
  • Maud Morrish – Being a social worker – the early years
  • Laura Neal-Jowett – Children’s social work – the variety of work, challenges and rewards
  • Jen Sebright – Children’s social work – my calling
  • Tracey Speight– Highly experienced professionals – dedicated to protecting and supporting children
  • Melissa Tupling – Children’s social work was my calling


Watch some of them on video here: