Find a children's school work job in Yorkshire and Humber

Find your first children’s social work job

As a newly qualified social worker, finding your first children’s social work job can be daunting.

We’ve developed a Jobs resource so you can view all current vacancies across the region.

You should also read these useful Top Tips for getting your first social work job.

Top tips for the newly qualified
  1. Read all of the relevant policy reports: The Munro Report and Social Work Reform Board.
  2. Keep up to date with what’s happening – it is constantly changing and you need to be aware of any changes which may affect the way in which you do your job. Check out Social Work News or sign up for Our CSWM an easy way to stay up to date with any developments.
  3. Don’t think that your training ends when you’re awarded your degree. Think about what Post Qualifying training is available and any areas that you may want to specialise in.
  4. Be realistic – being a Children’s Social Worker isn’t just about helping families and children, it is a very stressful and emotionally demanding role that may not be for everyone.