Social Work England are committed to developing a deeper understanding of social work by gathering data and intelligence about the profession and people’s experiences. This will help inform their work, keep it relevant and make sure it’s grounded in the values that underpin social work.

In order to do this, SWE are starting the new decade with a series of research projects, the first one being run in partnership with the Guardian and conducted by Ipsos Mori (open now until 31 Jan). The Social Lives survey aims to find out what social workers think about their role, what is working well and where improvements need to be made. The partnership will bring new data that will be owned by the Guardian and an opportunity to use their profile to reach even more stakeholders across the country and deepen our understanding of the current landscape. The survey can be found at:

Shortly after the launch of Social Lives, SWE will begin two of their own research projects. They have commissioned You Gov to undertake an in-depth study into social work in England to provide a snapshot of the profession. The research will take a deep-dive into social worker’s experiences, attitudes and perceptions to understand more about who is attracted to the profession, the roles that social workers fulfil, and why they choose to leave the profession.

The second research project, run by CRD, will gauge public perceptions and general knowledge of social workers, and the regulation of the profession. It will also seek to understand experiences of people who receive support and look at public perceptions of professionalism in social work compared to other healthcare providers.

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