Key workers at Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, have hailed success at finding the way forward in engaging colleagues through a virtual world due to the pandemic limitations.

Over 70 key workers tuned in for the online service day with a twist, in recognition of vital performance training which enables the good practice and safety for children, young people and families across Doncaster.

Keeping things fresh the essential service day programme featured an eighties theme, which included games and visuals to keep things interesting for the Trusts key workers. As a result colleagues were reportedly made to feel more confident and comfortable whilst undertaking training within their home environment.

Lisa Peacock, Parent and Family Support Service Manager and organiser of the event said:

“The aim of the day was to come together and do something a little different for the team. The day consisted of fun activities and we had some real positive engagement from providing our service day in this way. It allowed us some time to reflect on our wellbeing and take time out to rekindle those connections we feel are slightly absent with not being able to work in our usual office space.

“I think it is essential we provide this face time with each other, and keep our practices current so that we can continue to be the best versions of ourselves for the children, young people and families that require our services across the Borough.”


Prided by its supported learning and development of its social care colleagues, Doncaster Children’s Service Trust aim to make learning and development part of their everyday, through regular team meetings, updates on legislation, and sharing best practice across the Trust.

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