If you’re a qualified Children’s Social Worker looking for a place where you can enjoy a rewarding career, balanced perfectly with a wonderful place to live, then Yorkshire and the Humber really does have it all. Here are just a few of the reasons it’s worth considering being a social worker in our region:


Cost of living

One of the biggest advantages of living in Yorkshire & the Humber is the lower cost of living. Everything from a takeaway to a house tends to be cheaper than the UK average, so choosing to live here could help you to afford that dream home!


If you enjoy getting outdoors, Yorkshire & the Humber is a great place to be. With two national parks, a breath-taking coastline and countless smaller parks and trails, the region is one of the most scenic areas of the UK.  The countryside is also very accessible – even if you’re based in the city, you’ll only be a short distance from a walk or cycle in beautiful surroundings.


There is a great deal of variety in the region’s towns and cities. You’ll find serene gardens and unique breweries, thrilling rides and industrial heritage. From excellent nightlife and shopping to sports and galleries, from the history-lover to the inquisitive child, there’s something for everyone.

Innovative social work practice

We are the only region within the UK to work in a truly collaborative way with all 15 of our local authorities. And as a region we have made a pledge to all of our Children’s Social Workers. To offer you increased support and leadership, manageable caseloads, more time with families and children and plenty of opportunities for future development and personal growth.

Our collaborative approach is having a significant positive impact. Recent figures from the Department for Education show that our region has some of the lowest vacancy, agency and turnover rates in England. Having more colleagues in post permanently helps us to keep caseloads at a manageable level, and leads to better outcomes for children and families across the region.

“In recent years much work has been done to nurture, develop and support our social work workforce. We are now seeing the benefits of this investment through a growing confidence and resilience of our staff in delivering modern day social work practice.” Melanie John-Ross, Lead Director of Children’s Services for Children’s Social Work Matters


In a people-focused profession like social work, it’s important to work somewhere you’ll enjoy interacting with the people. We like to think this is one of our region’s biggest assets. This is one of the friendliest and most welcoming places in the UK– as a newcomer, don’t be surprised if you end up having conversations with total strangers!


Discover more about our wonderful region at www.yorkshire.com. Along with being a great place to live we have a lot to offer social workers – check out social work and social care jobs we have on offer.