champions-TerryThere are many reasons to choose a career in Children’s Social Work.

Although it’s a challenging field, dealing with sensitive issues and difficult times for families, it’s also extremely rewarding. Having the ability to keep a child safe or a family together is a wonderful thing.

It’s also a very varied job – every day is different because you’ll be working with a number of families who all face different difficulties.

Being able to work with a wide range of children and families to build their trust and give them the support and guidance they need is a real privilege. The primary aim is always to keep families together – placing a child in care is the last resort.

The positive impacts of your work extend far beyond your day to day role: helping to keep a child safe means you are giving them a better chance of a happy, healthy and thriving future. Read more about why Children’s Social Workers love their job so much.

Have you got what it takes?

It takes a lot of different skills to be a Children's Social Worker. Not every situation is black and white and it's not always clear what direction to take. You have to use your investigatory skills and take all of the history surrounding a case into account to make the best recommendation.

To see if you could do this challenging, yet highly rewarding role, give our scenario based quiz a try.

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