Finding a Children’s Social Work job in our Yorkshire and the Humber

To help make it easier to find out what current vacancies are available within Yorkshire and the Humber, simply go to our jobs section – we’ve highlighted on the right a few of the current Children’s Social Work opportunities available. You can select which of our 15 local authorities you’d like to search for jobs by using the drop down menu and contact them directly to find out more.

The different roles of a Children’s Social Worker

All local authorities are structured differently and may have slightly different job titles for specific roles, but the role and responsibilities are very similar. To give you an idea of the areas in which you could work, here is a list of the roles within Children’s Social Work. Each team is usually made up of a Senior Social Worker, Advanced Practitioner and Senior Practitioner.

Children’s Social Worker – Duty and Assessment

A social worker in the Duty and Assessment service responds to new referrals from professionals and members of the public. They will signpost people to other agencies or complete an assessment of need. Children’s Social Workers investigate allegations of neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse so that a child or young person is protected from harm.

Children’s Social Worker – Long term Team

The Long Term Team provides social work service to children and young people who are subject to a Child Protection Plan and, if appropriate, court proceedings. Their work is often over several months and involves regular visits to see the child or young person and their parent or carer – working alongside a range of professionals to provide advice and support to families.

Children’s Social Worker – Looked After Children Team

A social worker in the Looked After Children Team works with children and young people who reside with foster carers, kinship carers or in residential placements. In a small number of cases, children may live with their parents. Children and young people are often subject to a Care Order and the role of the Children’s Social Worker is to fulfil the council’s obligations as a corporate parent. The role is to work alongside other professionals, to ensure that a child or young person receives appropriate care, education and health services.

Children’s Social Worker – Leaving Care Team

This role is similar to that of the Children’s Social Worker in the Looked After Children Team, but they work with young people who are making the transition into adulthood. Their work includes supporting the young person to live independently and to receive education, training or employment as well as other services enabling them to live independently in the community.

Children’s Social Worker – Youth Offending Team

A Children’s Social Worker in the Youth Offending Team will offer advice and support to children and young people over the age of ten who are involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour. A lot of their work involves supporting young people to find alternative strategies to guide them away from criminal activity.

Children’s Social Worker – Emergency Duty Team

Social Workers in the Emergency Duty Team respond to enquiries from the public and other professionals after normal office hours, working evenings, nights, weekends and bank holidays. Some work with both adults and children experiencing a variety of difficulties which may include mental health assessments, child protection, housing, admissions to and discharge from hospital.

Children’s Social Worker – Children with Disabilities Team

This role is targeted specifically at children and young people who have a registered disability. Working with children with complex and acute needs takes a specific type of social worker, and connecting with multi-agency teams to deliver holistic services is at the heart of this role.

Children’s Social Worker – Fostering and Adoption

Dedicated posts aimed at supporting Looked After Children placed in either foster care or adoption. These roles are separate to fieldwork posts and operate across the local authority working closely with our foster carers or helping to place Looked After Children for adoption.

Social Work Practice Consultants

This specialist post has a brief to not carry caseloads, but instead work with Newly Qualified Children’s Social Workers to help them learn and develop in the complex field of Child Protection social work. As well as helping to co-work cases, post holders also deliver Action Learning Sets and supervise students on placement. 



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